The operational information on a situation in the republic for 8 a.m 30.05.2018

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Operational information for a day as of 8 a.m 30.05.2018

A storm warning!

On May 29-30 due to expected torrential rains in foothill and mountainous areas of Osh, Jalal-Abad and Batken regions, flooding may occur.

Weather forecast for today!

In most areas of Chui, Talas, Yssyk-Kul, Naryn regions and in foothill areas of Osh, Jalal-Abad, Batken regions rain is expected, in mountain areas snow. West wind speed is 4-9 m/s, in separate places wind speed may exceed up by 17-22 m/s.

Emergency services of the MES KR

According to the Fire Fighting Service of the MES KR on the territory of Kyrgyzstan has been registered 7 fire accidents, to extinguish them were engaged 11 fire brigades.

Operational Info on MES Rescue Services of KR for a day as of 8 a.m. 30.05.2018

Rescue Services implemented 1 departure:

Naryn region

On May 29 in the village of Ak-Moyun in At-Bashy district a citizen fell into a hole in Jylkychy uulu street. He was the R.B born in 1974.

Before the rescuers arrived R.B had been rescued by locals.

For informatrion

Temporary restriction for the gas tank truck  was introduced on May 29 at 8pm at the post in Sosnovka as well as Aral post in Jalal-Abad region. Such a decision was made to avoid accidents and traffic  jam. The road is open for all types of vehicles from 6 am, on May 30.

Press service of the MES KR.

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