The operational information on a situation in the republic for 8 a.m 23.04.2018

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Operational information for a day as of 8 a.m 23.04.2018

Weather forecast for today

In the daytime of April 23, no precipitation is expected. Snow drifts and slippery surfaces are expected on the mountain roads of Kyrgyzstan. Southwest wind speed is 5-10 m/s, in Chui valley wind speed may exceed up by 15-20 m/s.

Batken region

Landslide occurred on the territory of Kyshtut rural district (Batken region) on April 18,the landslides site is located at a distance of 1km from the village of Sai, the total volume of the landslides amounted to 45000 cubic meters.

As a result of landslide, sand and clay plugged up the canal from which the villagers (350 houses) get drinking and irrigation water. An aerial of MegaCom cellular companies was damaged, the internal roads were blocked.

Special equipments were involved to clear the road, had cleared 70 km on April 22, cleaning work continues.

Emergency services of the MES KR

According to the State Fire Fighting Service agency of the MES KR on the territory of Kyrgyzstan has been registered 9 fire accidents, to extinguish them were engaged 10 fire brigades.

Operational Info on MES Rescue Services of KR for a day as of 8 a.m. 23.04.2018

Rescue Services implemented 4 departures:

Chui region

Driver of BMW (with license plate В14-58) АL failed to control his car and crashed into a tree, while driving through the village of Vostok in Alamudun district.

The incident occurred on April 23, at 4.21 pm.

Rescuers assisted to the driver to get out of the vehicle and handed over to ambulance.

Press service of the MES KR.

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