Earthquake registered on the border between Kyrgyzstan and China

530 просмотров

The Institute of Seismology of the National Academy of Sciences of Kyrgyzstan on April 3,recorded earthquake at 2:14 p.m. Its strength in the epicenter was about 6 points.

According to the Institute, the epicenter of the earthquake was located on the territory of China.

In settlements of Kyrgyzstan the earthquake was felt about 5 points in Nura, Irkeshtam and in Ikizyak- 4 points, in Sopu-Korgon, Sary-Tash, Kara-Kindik, Kichi-Karakol, Chiy-Talaa,Kyzyl-Jar, Kan-Korgon and Chychyrkanak- about 3 points.

According to preliminary data, no victims and destructions registered.

Press service of the MES KR.

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