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 Warnings about disastrous meteorological occurrences (including frosts, heavy precipitation), sudden changes in weather;
Daily hydrometeorological report(weather forecast for 1- 3 days);
Weather forecast for one month on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic;
Decadicagrometeorological report;
Overview of hydrometeorological conditions on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic for the previous month;
Seasonal agrometeorological overview for the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic;
Agrometeorological forecasts:
• moisture supply in soil by the beginning of spring;
• condition  of winter crop sat the beginning and end of vegetation period;
• yield capacity and gross yield of all grain and pulse crops, including cucumber;
• yield capacity and gross yield of raw cotton;
• blossoming period of horticultural crops;
• ripening period of winter wheat;
• opening periods of mulberry’s first leaves;
• blossoming period of seeded perennial grass of first mowing;
• opening  periods of first cotton pods;
• yield capacity and gross yield of winter wheat;
Agrometeorological annual publication.
Warnings about disastrous hydrological occurrences (including mudflows, high waters, avalanches).
Information sheet on accumulation of precipitation for autumn and winter period.
Hydrological forecasts of rivers’ water content  and inflow into large reservoirs:
• for the vegetation period;
• for the months of the vegetation period;
•drought season (October – March);
• pentadic forecasts on for rivers of irrigated farming  zones;
• decadic forecasts of water influx into large water reservoirs;
• forecast of water influx into water reservoirs per quarter;
Monthly and annual water balance of reservoirs.
Annual land facts (l hydrology annual).
Evaporation from water surfaces (annual publication).
Retrospective materials on water resources for the period of 50-100 years.
Annual data on the quality of surface waters on land.
Information about the state of environmental contamination.
Annual publication on the condition of atmospheric air contamination in the cities of the Kyrgyz Republic.
Annual publication on the state of radioactive contamination on the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic.
Background concentrations of contaminants in atmospheric air in cities and settlements of the KyrgyzRepublic.
Retrospective materials on environmental contamination:
a) atmospheric air – 1969-2004
b) surface waters – 1972-2004
c) soil – 1979-1992


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