Historical reference of Osh city

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History of formation of the Department of MES KR for Osh city

Based on the Article №8 of the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic “On Osh city status”, the Civil Defense Department of the city was established, which addressed challenges related to civil defense. Decisions were made unitary regardless of the region administration. Satybaldy Chyrmashov , the ex-mayor of Osh city made significant contribution into formation of this department who was the initiator of such department establishing. Also, we have to mention the Colonel Meimanbek Arykchievich Chekirbaev, the first Head of the Department who made valuable input in development of the Department and Rescue Service. Time demonstrated relevance and necessity of formation and existence of such department in the city. Within short period of time, the Department demonstrated only positive feature and contributed into protection of the population and city against emergencies, and preparedness of the heads of the services and public institutions in civil defense events.

According to the Order of the Ministry of Environment and Emergency Situations № 638 as of December 6, 2003, the Osh Department of Civil Defense was established.  The Colonel M.A. Cherikbaev was appointed on position of the Head of the Department of Civil Defense for Osh city.

According to the Order of the Ministry of Environment and Emergency Situations of the Kyrgyz Republic № с-177 as of 03.04.2004 , the Rescue Service was organized in the city:

– management structure of the Rescue Service was approved,

– Regulation on “Rescue Service” in Osh city was drafted and submitted for approval,

– Selection and staffing works were conducted,

– Service’s works were organized,

– automobile and special machinery, means of communication, rescue equipment were supplied.

According to the orders of the Ministry of Environment and Emergency Situations № с-178 as of 03.04.2004 “On introduction of amendments and additions in the staff of №2/01-18 Department of Civil Defense of Osh city” and № с-142 as of 05.04.2004 “On Formation of the Rescue Service in Osh city”:

– following positions were included in the staff of the Osh city Civil Defense Department : the Head of the Rescue Service, commander of the rescue troop, driver of autocar and cleaning lady.

– the Agreement on mutual cooperation with the municipality of the city and material-technical supply and further support of the Rescue Service was drafted and concluded;

– staffing structure and cost estimate were approved, and work of the Service was organized.

The Resolution of the Osh Municipality № 02-2/102 as of 21.04.2004 “On the Rescue Service Establishing” was issued in order to provide timely urgent and comprehensive help to the population, coordinate activity of the operational and emergency response services in case of emergency situations in the city. The Agreement was approved based on above mentioned activities, and then the Rescue Service was formed.

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